PROJECT: Quooker

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Quooker is a dutch company well known for their watertaps that provide boiling water as well as cooled water and sparkling water.

For Quooker we rendered their complete product assortment in every available model/material variations.


In total we made over 700 renders which are used in brochures and websites.

a combination of cgi & photography

can we fake it?

Sometimes a photoshoot is planned for a new brochure but the model isn’t produced yet and the prototype not up to date.

we solved this by recreating the scene in 3d and added cgi watertaps to the pictures shot (by Inga Powilleit) on location.

We recreated the exact lighting in our 3d scene , 3d modeled some objects for the reflections and shot a bunch of pictures of reflections on site and combined al of these into these images.


And for Quooker’s website we made some interactive content like 360’s

click an drag in the window, or swipe to rotate

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